SafePal S1 Hardware Wallet

This is an advanced hardware wallet built with world-leading security architect and seamless user-experience. You can secure, manage, send, trade and swap crypto with it easily. SafePal S1 makes your crypto life secure and simple.

Important: Please make sure your mobile device meets the compatibility requirements before you purchase the hardware wallet. SafePal is compatible with Android 5.0(and above) and iOS 10.0(and above), and your device needs to be equipped with a camera above 5MP

  • EAL 5+ secure element
  • No Bluetooth, no WiFi, no NFC
  • 100% Off-line cold storage
  • Air-gapped signing mechanism
  • 1.3’ high resolution IPS screen
  • Only the size of a credit card
  • Other features: Token swap, decentralized exchange, dapps login, etc.