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Buy, exchange, grow and manage over 5,500 coins and tokens
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1000s of supported coins and tokens


Protect & manage Bitcoin, Ethereum and thousands of other digital assets with your pick from our collection of mobile, hardware and extension wallets



SafePal Wallet is the best crypto wallet for beginners and experts alike. Buy, sell and trade crypto – securely and on the go


Turn your Chrome browser into a crypto wallet with radical multi-chain capability


Take control of your assets with secure cold storage options; the fully air-gapped and 100% offline SafePal S1 line, or the new open-source Bluetooth X1
Ledger Nano X

Unlock a world of crypto possibilities with the iconic Ledger Nano X. The most advanced Bluetooth-enabled hardware wallet to securely manage all your crypto assets on all platforms. Product color may vary slightly from pictures due to manufacturing process

Ledger Nano S Plus

Secure, grow and manage your crypto and NFTs with Ledger’s most popular wallet, Ledger Nano S Plus. Review your transactions with ease and take control while on the move, all with uncompromising security. Product color may vary slightly from pictures due to manufacturing process.

Ledger Stax

Ledger Stax was made for the day-to-day use of your crypto & NFTs with clarity and comfort. Clear-sign your transactions with ease on the world's first curved E Ink® touchscreen.Name it, customize the lock screen with your favorite NFT or photo – make Ledger Stax yours. Entrust your peace of mind to Ledger’s uncompromising security